Project Type: Virtual Reality

Deserted Elementary School Hallway

This is my first attempt with Substance Painter. This should speed up my workflow quite a lot! I’m open to criticism, always help me to improve my skills.

More than a hundred self lit 1024 textures for this scene. Most of them are made from scratch in Substance, some few ones like the windows come from

I had a lot of fun and learned many things on this personal project.

Mirror’s Edge Apartment – Interior Scene

This is a freely inspired scene from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

My goal was to train modeling as low poly as I could and to improve my baking skills. Some retopo has been done on pretty everything, especially on the cloth simulated stuffs.

The scene is entirely self lit thanks to few light maps on the second uvchannel.

Textures from and some materials have been done with Reynante Martinez’s Cycles Material Vault.

Lakeside – Exterior Scene

I wanted to create a nature scene of a lakeside, as we could find in scotland for instance. I was certainly far too ambitious and I’m not totally satisfied because this is a very large scene and many details should have been added for a more realistic render. I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless. Feel free to download and improve it! Turn to HD if it’s not by default.